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Nice of you to drop by!

As you might have heard Ellen and me will be heading off for an adventure for quite some time (roughly a year? or until we’re broke..).

Starting January 15th 2020 we will be flying off to Indonesia, where we’ll stay in Bali for a while. Do some relaxing, fishing, hiking or whatever we feel like.  We’ve booked a nice small bungalow on the eastern coast for about 4 weeks.

We’re not sure yet where we’re going next exactly but the rough idea is, travel across Java to Surabaya and Jakarta. The region of Surabaya is a bit special to me as my grandmother was born there and I’ve never had to opportunity to visit it.

After we reach Jakarta we’ll see where we head next. Medan in Sumatra maybe?

As you might notice we are going with the flow and have not planned much. We do have a visa for 60 days in Indonesia and we plan to use those 60 days to the fullest. After Indonesia? We’ll see 🙂

We’ll try and update this page and share pictures with you as much as we can.

Keep in touch!


Ellen & Tim

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