Our arrival at Bali


After all goodbye’s, we took our flight to Bali. We made it! Yesterday, for the first time, we stept into the wilderness of Bali. After sixteen hours on a plane, we searched for our driver. With sleepy eyes and our bagage in the back of the car, we where driving through an oasis of palmtrees and rice plantations.


We have been dropped of at Hotel Harmony in Amed. As we recieved a refreshing fruitdrink, we where checking in. We asked ourselves, “Are we going to swim in the Sea or in the swimmingpool.” If this is the hardest question, it’s going to be so relaxed.



We skipped the evening and went to bed, after a diner with chips with peppersaus and a brownie.

The next morning we woke-up with some strange noices. In the city we hear cars, people and sometimes a bird. But here we hear a symphony of other things. The alarm that woke us up, was our friendly neighbourhood goat. As the sun was coming up, a bird was singing. After a few minutes the rooster started to wake, music was turned on an people where starting to drive. This all before 6 o’clock in the morning. The feeling of a jetlag is present. But the feeling of vacation stays the same.

For now we will stay at Ahmed Harmony hotel. We love the place.

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