First time sea-fishing

Today we went sea-fishing.

Tim was doing his best fly fishing ever. Ellen and our companion Wujan, did it the old fashion way. With a line, a lead and some mackerel. After two tries Ellen lost her fishing lead in the coral and Tim gave up fishing with his rod. We where soaked after the rain, but it was still warm.

This is Tim. He has changed hasn’t he?

Only our companion caught two fishies. So we are up for another try later this month.

When we where done fishing, Wujan invited us to his home. The house was divided into small buildings (2×2 meter) and the whole family lived there, including antes, uncles and cousins. We got to drink out of a coconut and eat the inside. Is tasted like fruit juice mixed with water and was very nice.

Today we are relaxing in the pool. Tomorrow we will go see Pura Lempuyang (Heavens gate) and many other things.

Bye and bye.

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