East Bali trip

We asked our companion from our fishing trip to take us around east Bali and show us the must see stuff. He picked us up at 8:00 am and we drove off to our first destination. The temple called Pura Lempuyang or Heaven’s Gate. This site contains 7 temples but us tourist plebs are only allowed to visit a small portion of it. On the courtyard, the gate stands proud and aims towards the big volcano Gunung Agung. When approaching the temple we received a sarong (mandatory to wear and return when leaving), and you could get a number. The numbers were called and you could get a picture taken in front of the gate. We skipped this as we already guessed this was some prime tourist BS. And we were right… There were hundreds of people waiting and when a number was called it was your time to shine and get that instagram gold. It was cringeworthy… Luckily the temple itself was nice and we took our own pictures and left.

Next up was a coffee and tea plantation where we were guided around by a nice lady telling us how they would farm coffee beans, tea, cacao and use a local catlike creature to create Luwawak coffee. These creatures, looking much like overgrown ferrets, eat the beans and shit them out. The farmers then collect the shit, dry, roast and grind it up to create black gold that we got to drink. It was awesome, best coffee we’ve ever had. We also got to taste different other coffees like coconut coffee and vanilla coffee and a selection of teas. Highlight of the teas was definetly the mangosteen tea. Super sweet!

Buzzing with caffeine we drove to the next destination, Balai Gili, the water temple. This was an absolutely stunning place. It consisted 2 temples surrounded by water and a beautiful garden. And the best part? It was super quiet! We had no clue why so many tourists would flock to the first temple we visited that day and not see this one instead. We’ll let the pictures do the talking.

After that magical place we jumped in the car again. Our guide wanted to take us to something he did not tell us about when we started as a surprise. A small lookout point where hardly anyone visits apart from locals during ceremonies or holidays. Once again, beautiful… We relaxed there for some time, with Ellen enjoying a huge swing.

After lunch (which was ok but that place “forgot” to mention the prices on the menu were without tax and service, how convenient) we went for a small adrenaline boost. Our guide took us to a large lookout tower made from bamboo and cables inside an enormous tree. We had to climb rickety bamboo ladders and rope bridges to reach the lookout point. When we reached the first floor Ellen had to sadly bail the climb as the thin bamboo and the height struck a nerve. I did manage to reach the top which was scary and awesome at the same time. Because of the wind the tree was moving and since I am no featherweight I was shitting my pants a bit but the view was well worth it. When we got back down the guide pointed us to another rope bridge which was ~30 meters long and still very high. Both me and Ellen were too scared to do it. Later our guide mentioned he also never dared to cross it…

After that rush we went to visit another temple, Tirta Gangga. Even though this place was kind of touristy it was still nice to walk around in. Especially in the more secluded areas where little to no people would go you would find some hidden cool things. Also this place is known for its crazy amounts of koi fish and feeding them will make them go crazy.

To finish the trip our guide wanted to show us a view over a rice plantation. Am glad he did as this view was a great conclusion of our day. This island is amazing.