Ellen VS Chillies

You wanted Ellen VS Chilli’s right? Well, as you noticed we were slacking a bit with blog updates. The reason was that the chillies won..

That’s right, Ellen lost. Well, both of us to be fair.. We both suffered from severe Bali Belly this week, meaning we were on the toilet mostly. And yes we were taking turns of course. Ellen’s case was quite bad as we actually had to visit the emergency room. There we were informed she was quite dehydrated and in need of an IV.

Am not sure what was in it but it made her smile?! After the emergency room visit she was luckily doing much better. The nurses and the doctor had been very sweet to us, feeding us and giving us lots of water. We left with a bag full of medicine. As we write this were both much better and eating everything we want again. We even had McDonalds yesterday, don’t tell anyone…

Our next sightseeing update will follow shortly.!