Balinese food

Oh my, how good is this food?! We’ve been saying that quite a lot. Some scorching hot, some fragrant, some incredibly sweet. It’s been a treat for sure. Especially the food our hotel host has been cooking for us. She was on a mission to use us as test subjects to find out if her new menu, which she wants to start using in the next high season, was good enough. The best part? We ate those meals for free as we offered to give her some nice pictures from those meals to use for her new menu. Win win !

Cooked by our hostess:

Market foods:

Restaurant foods:

3 thoughts on “Balinese food

  1. MonhunvetsincePS2

    Dat ziet er allemaal wel erg goed te eten uit.. Pork curry 😋 aww yeah

    Tempeh burger vs Pug burger? Wie is winnaar? 🍔


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