Dolphins, waterfalls and goodbye Bali

Lovina is well known for it’s dolphins which can be found not too far from the coast. We also heard it would be possible to swim with them. Sounds too good to be true? It was.

We left in a small fisherman’s boat which was driven by two lawnmower type engines. After 20 minutes or so we reached the location where the dolphins were hanging out. Unfortunately there also were about 10 + other boats like ours, chasing the same thing. Each time the dolphins emerged, all boats rushed in to get a glimpse of them. That caused the dolphins to submerge again and all boats laid silent until someone pointed “over there!”, and off we went again. This cat and mouse game continued for about an hour. At this point we realized swimming with them was never going to happen. Our driver did lower some rope with a stick into the water to which you could hold on to while the boat was cruising around. While wearing a snorkel there was hope to see some of the dolphins. Sadly the only thing Tim saw were jelly fish, which made him climb back into the boat again quite fast and preventing Ellen from jumping in all together.

It was still fun though, and we managed to get a good price. That’s also one of the benefits of being here in rain season. The locals are pretty desperately looking for work in the low season which makes it easier for us to negotiate a good price. As we were walking back from the dolphin trip we came across a guy who was looking for some chauffeur work and asked if we wanted to see one of the big waterfalls in the area. Once again we negotiated and got a great price. A day later we took off to see the waterfalls.

The walk down into the valley where the Sekumpul waterfalls are located is almost as beautiful as the waterfalls itself. The path lead through a small village and down into the jungle. Our guide showed us many wildly growing coffee, lemongrass, clove plants and pointed us to a very creepy looking spider.

Then we saw the waterfalls. We’ll let the pictures do the talking.

What an amazing place and because we were so early we were alone for most of it. This was our last trip in Bali and what a way to say goodbye to this beautiful island. It’s been wonderful. Tomorrow we make our way to Java where we will climb a volcano with an acidic sulfur lake, reaching 2800 meters above sea level. We can’t wait !