What happens in Indonesia stays in ???

At our last day in Indonesia we wanted to go to China town in Bandung. The day before we went, we saw that we had to pay an entrance fee because it was a tourist thing. Luckily we found this out in time and we went to the floating market instead. There we imagined to see a market on a big river, with different old fashioned boats, old fashioned dishes and traditional things. What we found was a big lake, with food boats for tourists and boats we can can rent to peddle to the other side and back. The worst part is we also had to pay an entrance fee here.

The waterfall on the picture was nice but smelled really bad. It was in a hot spring resort that was totally empty. We wanted to go swimming but because there was nobody there and the smell was really bad, we went back home. All and all a bad day for us.

The title of this blog’s called “What happens in Indonesia stay’s in ???” Because of a reason. When we look back on our trip in Indonesia, there are a couple of things we thing about and didn’t tell you … yet. So….

Things that went wrong!

In the first few weeks at Bali there were a lot of thing that went wrong.

  1. The third day we went to an ATM to get some money. Tim took his money belt with him. He took his bank card and put it into the ATM. When he typed in his pin, he got the message, “Wrong Pin”. He tried it a second time and received the same message. Ellen was saying, “Are you sure you want to try it another time?” And Tim tried it another time. Ellen was thinking, it’s not my card and she let Tim do his thing. Tim thought that it was impossible and took a look at his card. He saw the name of Ellen on the card.
  2. Tim wanted to fish and had his fishing gear with him. We went to a rock we’ve already been and was a very nice place for fishing in the sea. We climbed down to some kind of a cliff and Tim started fishing. It was really hot and Ellen and Korna, our guide, went back up to the shadows because it was way to hot. Ellen didn’t know why but she was saying, “I’m taking all the important stuff with me”, and so she did. After a little while Tim was stuck with his rod behind the coral. Then a tidal wave came over him, that reached his chest. Still pulling at his rod he saw a bottle of water floating in the sea. One that looked like the one he just drank out. He looked back and gone was his backpack with all of his fishing gear.
  3. Before we went on our trip we arranged some new credit cards. We received them in December and in the and of January we got the massage the we could only use them till April this year, because the credit company chose to stop the service. Screw you Knab!
  4. We probably got skimmed, our only remaining card from our shared account suddenly was blocked. So there went another card. The bank did not tell us anything. Screw you Knab!
  5. Ellen had to go to the bathroom and after that we wanted to go swimming. Tim went ahead already and closed the bathroom door behind him. With a lock on the outside. So Ellen got locked up and had to wait for half an hour before Tim came to look for her.
  6. It was very hot and Tim and Ellen came back from a trip. We both whore our swimming clothes. Inside our bungalow we dropped our stuff and jumped into the pool. Tim said, “O ow”. I forgot to put my wallet away.” And yes, it was full of cash. We dried all our money at the edge of the pool.
  7. This one we’ve already mentioned. The dehydration of Ellen because of the Bali belly. Tim also had one for a weak.
  8. Tim went to the barber and wanted a other haircut. He said to the barber, “Don’t remove the sideburns”. Tim sits down and gone they were, the sideburns….
  9. When we where in Yogyakarta Ellen bought a small guitar. That didn’t make the whole trip.

We only got foto’s of the guitar, the rest is ingrained in our heads.

The nicest thing we have seen was the Sekumpull waterfall. Nature running his course. Mount Ijen was the most impressive thing because of the mining workers and their health problems.

We had a lovely time in Indonesia. There are still a lot of things we still want to do. So we are definitely coming back.

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