Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. What a cool city! The contrasts here are such a sight to behold. You got futuristic architecture, state of the art public transportation and super malls on one hand, but on the other hand you have mosques, temples, and markets that have sometimes been here for centuries. The contrasts are also present in its people; Malay, Chinese and Indian, and in their religions; Islam, Hindu, Buddhist etc. This will probably be the case for Malaysia in general but here you are changing perspective at every street corner. We love it.

We’ve spend 3 full days here in the city but could have easily doubled that amount as there is so much to see and do here.

Batu Caves

One of the most famous attraction (and temple) in Kuala Lumpur are the Batu Caves. Of course we had to visit this place too. On our first day we had spend some time figuring out how the public transportation works here and that has been paying off. We bought a Touch and Go card which is a card you can put some cash onto and use that to check yourself into any of the public transport here. From train to metro to bus etc. We just hopped onto a train directly to the Batu Caves which was a 30 minute ride and cost us just over 2,5 ringgit each (~65 cents). When you arrive at the caves you are greeted by a massive golden statue and the sights of the 300 staircases leading into the cave. It was a pretty hefty climb, especially in the 35 degrees heat, but well worth it !


After a train ride back into the city and a chicken rice dish we went to see the aquarium which resides underneath the Petronas Towers. It was very fun, especially the 300 meter tunnel which allowed us to get very close to some massive sharks and rays.

Thean Hou temple

The next day we went for one of the biggest temples in the city. It is pretty well hidden on a small hill in the middle of a residential area of Kuala Lumpur. It was beautiful though.

Museum Kuala Lumpur

After visiting the gorgeous temple we jumped into a taxi and short train ride to visit the Malaysia National Museum. It was a beautiful museum in which we learned a lot about Malaysia’s history, influence and religions. Sadly no pictures..

Petronas Towers

We still had one big attraction to check off our list, get on top of the Petronas Towers. After the museum we decided to head up there. When we arrived we got our tickets, got our temperatures checked, signed some forms about us not having Corona and then we went into the elevator which brought us to the sky bridge which is 170 meters high. With wobbly legs we went up the bridge and enjoyed the view.

Then we stepped into another elevator which took us to the 85th(!) floor, 370 meters high. The view was insane..

After that incredible view we concluded our last full day here in Kuala Lumper. As much as we loved this city we are once again moving. Tomorrow we will take a train to the city of Ipoh where we will stay for 3 nights. Here we hope to see caves, temples, nature and good food. Nope, we are definitely not tired of seeing those things! See you again soon, love Tim & Ellen.