Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

So yeah, we have made it to Georgetown! For a change we decided to try and show you our trip and preparation in a video. This way we share as much as possible. Hope you enjoy them and do check out our Just the Videos section on our website or our channel on YouTube for other videos from our previous visits.

Georgetown itself is very interesting. It shows it age throughout the city it has a lot of colonial buildings leftover from the British which are all in different states of decay. It makes for a very photogenic city though and we love walking around here. There is just so much to see, but this time we posted more pictures then we posted in one post before as you will notice below.


Georgetown is considered the food capital of Malaysia and boy they are not kidding around. As we also said in the video, “We looked for a hotel which has a lot of food options in the area.” And we’ve hit the jackpot. The area is filled with amazing stalls, restaurants, a night market and food courts and we have a hard time picking the next place to eat, its all so delicious.

Breakfast for us has been chicken rice or Nasi Lemak if we can find it. The version we have taken so far came also with grilled pork and a chicken broth. Absolutely awesome! We also had different sate, curry mee, grilled veggies, Arabian wraps, chicken biriyani and clay pot rice and we not even half way our stay! We can’t wait to find more great food in the upcoming days.

Komtar Tower

On the first night here, when we were sitting at the night market, we noticed this enormous tower close by our hotel. It turned out to be a tower built in the 1980’s to commemorate the second prime minister of Malaysia. In 2015 another 3 stories were added to the already 65 story building. The 68th story is now home to a bar and has become a popular tourist attraction, the glass floored sky bridge (also known as rainbow sky bridge). We checked it out and oh my.. it was scary.. It did provide a fantastic panorama across the city and the bay, but the glass..

Georgetown Jetty’s

Another cool area to visit were the jetty’s near the ferry. Here there are mostly Chinese enclaves built on top of the water. Supposedly the people living here are not paying tax as they technically do not live on the landmass of the city. There were a few shops here with very friendly vendors and it provided a very cool view, especially as it was low tide when we were there.

Georgetown Street Art

As we mentioned in the video, one of the main reasons we came to this city was to check out the street art. We spend almost a full day walking around in the city looking for all the art, like a scavenging hunt. It was a lot of fun and also a very cool way to explore this great city. We even found things which were not directly highlighted on the map which was awesome. Here is an overview of the route we walked:

As for the art? Just have a look at the pictures.

We are staying here for another few days as we still have so much to explore here and we still need to figure out where we are going after Penang. We’ll see and once we do, you will too !