We’re going home..

We have made the very difficult call to book a flight back to the Netherlands. The situation here in Asia is slightly better than back in Holland but countries here are going on lockdown or closing its borders for people with an EU passport. The risk of not being able to return at all is growing by the day. This all causes so much uncertainty that we have decided to return home and await the whole situation there.
It was a very tough call, we have been enjoying Asia so much and we’ll miss everything about it but as it stands currently it is very hard to enjoy it safely and without concerns. Hopefully we’ll be back soon when this has blown over.

We fly back this Sunday and if all goes well and nothing is cancelled, we are landing in Amsterdam on Monday 13:15.

The situation is a bummer to say the least but we do realize a lot of people are way worse off than we are and have been. We will get another shot.

Thank you for visiting our blog the last few weeks and commenting on our ramblings. It has been fun!
Take care everyone and be careful.
Love, Tim and Ellen

3 thoughts on “We’re going home..

  1. Tania Blok

    Ahhh… Dit is echt klote, ik vind het super rot voor jullie… zo jammer! 😥Ik wens jullie een hele veilige en fijne terugreis en hopelijk kunnen jullie de reis snel afmaken 🤗

    1. Tim and Ellen Post author

      Thanks! We balen ook echt maar het is gewoon even niet anders. Voor onze veiligheid en voor anderen is het beter om ergens binnen te blijven zitten en visas hier zijn wellicht niet lang genoeg daarvoor dus dan terug naar NL. Hopelijk krijgen we weer een kans.

  2. MonhunvetsincePS2

    Damn .. sorry te horen man!😖
    Maar idd waarschijnlijk wel de beste keuze voor nu. Hoop dat de terugreis soepel gaat.

    Safe flight en stay safe! ✈❤


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