Home, lockdown and Zandmotor

We’ve been home for 2 weeks now. As soon as we landed and my cousin (thanks Freek!) brought us to our apartment, we locked the door behind us. The days were spent indoors and we only went outside for groceries once a week.

To be honest, being home is everything but what we imaged ourselves to be at this time, especially in this situation. It is hard to keep motivating yourself that this will be over at some point and we could perhaps get back to our dream. But we have to, and especially because in reality we have nothing to complain about. There are people at this very moment fighting for their lives or for others, while we are just stuck in our apartment with everything we could ever need.


To keep myself from going crazy however, I did go out today. I have been watching so many inspiring clips on YouTube from different professional photographers the last two weeks that I could no longer contain myself (literally). So this morning at 5:30 I grabbed my bike and rode to an area called “The Zandmotor”, which is basically a a natural park at the beach.

It felt really good to be outdoors again, even though it was a bit strange. The streets were emtpy, no cars, no people, nothing.

I arrived at the Zandmotor in the dark and it felt a bit eerie, as if I was not allowed to be there. All alone, nothing but the flickering lights in the distance and the sound of the sea. I waited for a half an hour to get the first glimpse of light and snapped my first image.

As I turned back I noticed a dark cloud hanging over the city. It was almost as if it tried to question if I would not rather just stay in nature, away from people.

While riding back, a nice little scene called me over to quickly snap it from my bike.

It felt good to be outside, even though it was super early and only for an hour. Noticing all the empty streets this morning it motivated me to get out early again soon..

I hope that if you are reading this you are still ok and healthy. Take care of yourself and others. Keep to the social distancing guidelines and perhaps we will be able to meet again, face to face!

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