New Toy

Back before we we went to travel we were debating if we would buy a drone or not. After seeing that once you want to fly a drone heavier than 250 grams there are a lot of rules you need to follow. Because of that and the limited space in our packs we didn’t buy one.

But just at the end of last year Mavic dropped a super small lightweight drone, weighin just 249 grams (yes 1 gram below the legal limit), called the Mavic Mini and a few weeks ago they updated the drone with a lot more manual imaging options. This drone would be ideal for us to take along on any trip so we decided to get one.

This little thing is quite amazing. The images out of this guy are quite nice, even the sensor “only” has 12 megapixels. To be fair the low light performance is not great but when there is enough light, the images are very nice. Also the video is more than capable with a maximum output of 2.7k in 30fps, which for us is plenty.

Have a look at these first few photos I took at the Zandmotor beach. What do you think?

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