PictureThis – Devlog 01

As you might have seen I am currently on the “road” travelling places. On our travel blog you can read all about those travels. I enjoy adding on things onto that website like the stats tracking and the travel calender, its all very simpel stuff but fun nonetheless. Another thing I enjoy is photography, for me personally it’s the main reason I contribute to that blog. Lately I have been thinking of combining those things a bit more, that’s why started playing with the idea of a game playable in the browser on that very blog. It had to be a combination of light fun gameplay with the ability for us to show where we have been and what we’ve seen. The idea is that each time we have visited a new country we would add that country as a “level” to the base game. Each country level should be playable on its own.

Ofcourse the slight challenge here is to create a project which does not require a lot of setting up and scripting each time a new level needs to be added. The amount of content needed for it to work also needs to be quite light.

So what is it?

The idea is simpel. The player sees a simpel map of the country with several locations marked. On the left side of the screen a row of pictures and a disabled button. The player needs to place the image the correct location at which the picture is taken. Once the images are place at a location the button is enabled. When the player licks the button a avatar will move accross the map from marked location to marked location (in the same order we actually travelled). Each time the avatar reached a new location it will check if it contains the correct image, so if the avatar continues its journey. If not the avatar stops and the button disabled. The polayer has to reevaluated the image placements.

When the avatar reaches the last location on the map the player wins the game.

Godot Project

The premise is a quite simple project but comes with a few challenges.

  • Playable in a browser
  • Light on content
  • Adding a new level should be done within a half a day
  • Images should be usable without adjustments in external program
  • No additional scripting needed when adding new levels

The first bullet is fairly straightforward to solve. Godot Engine has a standard HTLM 5 export which is good enough for me to use. The other bullets I have a fairly good idea on how to solve using templated scenes in godot which allow me to instance the scenes I need.

The only items I am unsure about is if I can create a template for the images which having to adjust them. Ideally I use the exact same image files I also use to display in the blog, but these might be too high quality and have a too large file size. Well see.

To be continued

This was a very text heavy blog.. Hopefully the next one will have some actual code snippets and images to make reading a bit more interesting…

Thanks for reading! see you soon.

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