Hi! First of all, thank you for visiting!

If you are looking for our travel blog, please do checkout our new website at https://www.timellen.net

Here on timovervliet.nl I will be posting some personal blog posts and updates with content more focused on photography and (video)game projects I am working on.

2020 and 2021 have been a pretty crazy year for all of us including myself. Even though things are very uncertain in the world at the moment, we (Ellen and I) decided to take a plunge into the deep end and discover the world and our passions. Mine has allways been video games and photography and its been a true blessing to be given this time to explore this passion further. We have sold our house in the beginning of 2021 and are now travelling around and working on our own projects.

I am currently focussing on creating a videogame, which includes programming and art and I will be posting about its process on this very website. The idea is that you as a reader will also be able to play the updates to please stay tuned!

Thanks again for visiting!